Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sad News and Happy News

This article in today's New York Times is among the saddest I could possibly imagine in this season of the year that we prepare to commemorate the Birth of the Son of God.

On the other hand the Manhattan Declaration is a noble enterprise and I hope you will consider signing.

Lastly, JPMorgan Chase is running a challenge for the next month on Facebook and will donate $5 million to local charities. All Facebook account holders get 20 votes in the First Round of voting. The top 100 charities go to the next round.

Futures in Education Endowment Fund is already listed. Help us get to the next round. Ask your family and friends to vote for the Futures in Education Endowment by clicking on:

At the "Chase Giving" tab, go to the blue search box and type "Futures in Education" and hit go. Allow Chase to access your profile for pictures, etc.

On Futures’ page, click the "vote" button. That’s it!