Thursday, May 21, 2009

Weigel on "The Vatican"

I have to thank Beth for this as well. George Weigel is completely correct and his insights quite valuable.

The Touch of Love

This is an amazing story. This is the original story. Thanks to Beth Edejer who sent this to me.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Judge Noonan and Truth

How sad it is that Judge Noonan can say that all of us know that genocide is wrong and not be able to equally assert that the taking of the life of the pre-born is wrong as well. To use the quote "Great is truth; it will prevail" gives the lie to his understanding of truth.

"I turn to issues before you as Americans prepared to participate in our urgent moral matters. Some things we have in common. Some things all of us know are wrong. Genocide is wrong.
Torture is wrong.
Slavery is wrong.

In these matters, our moral vision is clear. Our moral vision has had a voice to vindicate those unable to speak. Our moral vision is shared by the civilized world.

It was not so always. The clarity of our moral vision has come out of clashes. It has come by experience, by suffering, by strenuous debate. It has come from the insight and courage of gifted leaders. It has come from the light radiating from the Gospel."

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The President and The Truth

President Obama at Notre Dame gave a wonderful, if flawed, address to the graduates. He does not see that "truth" is objective and merely sees a process of reconciling divergent opinions. That's what politics is.

The sanctity of human life from the first moment of conception to natural death is not an opinion that I hold; it is not a "parochial principal." It is truth.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Archbishop Weakland

This story is just so sad I do not have the words to express my feelings. I pray for him.

Mary's Month

This is a great video. Thanks to Deacon Greg for calling attention to it.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Notre Dame

The President of Notre Dame has weighed in exactly as I thought he would. Deacon Greg and AMERICA, thank you.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Archbishop Wuerl and 'You Face'

Thanks to Rocco, this is just an outstanding piece.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Mary Ann Glendon says no to Notre Dame

Story here. I forgot to click 'post' last week. I printed her letter to the President of Notre Dame in yesterday's Sunday Bulletin.

In the sacristy at Maryknoll the windows all depict patron saints of the missions or missioners themselves who were named saints, here the Jesuit St. Francis Xavier.

The Nativity Window at Maryknoll. The Baby Jesus is placed on yellow straw or hay. The lamb, in an almost stylized position with head turned to gaze at the Babe is on green fronds of palm perhaps?

The Risen Lord

The Resurrection Window at Maryknoll. Note the three women and the sunrise in the lower panel.

Swine or you have to DO something

A week ago today with everything swirling in the press about Swine Flu we decided to temporarily suspend offering the Precisous Blood to the faithful at Mass. This was something I was reluctant to do but I felt we had to DO something. At the same time we, again temporarily, did not use the optional gesture of inviting the congregation to exchange the Sign of Peace. Compliments and complaints. You cannot please everybody!


Yesterday was Good Shepherd Sunday, World Day of Prayer for Vocations, and Father Kevin Abels the Associate Vocation Director of the Diocese was here to speak at all the Masses. Father Kevin had been here for the first five years of his priesthood and left only a year ago so he was ever so warmly welcomed back by the people. It was also the first Sunday in May and many of the children who had received Holy Communion for the first time the previous day returned for the procession at the 10:30 am Mass. They were joined by our soon-to-be graduates two of whom had the honor of placing the garland on the Statue of the Blessed Mother we had set up in the sanctuary. The Rosary Society was also at the Mass which was followed by their annual Communion Breakfast.
As I mentioned, Saturday was the first of three Masses at which about 40 children at each Mass would receive Jesus for the very first time. This year the children were presented by their parents or other family members. More than one couple or parent became overwhelmed by what Bishop Thomas Daily referred to as "the Great Emotion." In the past, the children came up in procession one by one and my whole attention was on them and their experience of receiving Jesus. I remember it becoming almost trance like for me, with all the other 'stuff' going on in the church around me completely beyond my comprehension. The parents presenting their children was a distraction for me but I think it was nicer for them and for the children.
I always invite the rest of the congregation to try to remember their own First Communions and focus on the emotions that they may have experienced that day. It is such a day of blessing for the entire parish! This Saturday we have a morning and afternoon Mass and by the time the third Mass is finished 120 or so children will have received Jesus. What a parish!

Friday, May 1, 2009


A blessed feast of St. Joseph the Worker!