Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Judge Noonan and Truth

How sad it is that Judge Noonan can say that all of us know that genocide is wrong and not be able to equally assert that the taking of the life of the pre-born is wrong as well. To use the quote "Great is truth; it will prevail" gives the lie to his understanding of truth.

"I turn to issues before you as Americans prepared to participate in our urgent moral matters. Some things we have in common. Some things all of us know are wrong. Genocide is wrong.
Torture is wrong.
Slavery is wrong.

In these matters, our moral vision is clear. Our moral vision has had a voice to vindicate those unable to speak. Our moral vision is shared by the civilized world.

It was not so always. The clarity of our moral vision has come out of clashes. It has come by experience, by suffering, by strenuous debate. It has come from the insight and courage of gifted leaders. It has come from the light radiating from the Gospel."