Friday, April 17, 2009

Christ is the End of the Law

Next week I am offering a retreat for the Irish Holy Ghost Fathers up at Maryknoll. It's my first time being asked to preach a week-long retreat, and the first time preaching a retreat to brother priests. I did a weekend retreat about 28 years ago for a group of people from St. Patrick Parish in Bay Ridge, but that really been it. Need I say it is a lot of work!

I really lost the first part of this week preparing (also a lot of work) for my three hours of live, on air television coverage of Archbishop Dolan's installation. It was a learning experience in many ways, but it kept me from finishing the talks until just now. I'm sharing the theme of the retreat and the titles of the six conferences as well as the scriptural citations that form the basis of the talks. Someday, if I learn how, I'll be able to post an audio of the talks.
In addition to the formal conferences, I have at least two homilies and will make myself available to the priests for confession, private conferences, and whatever.
Please remember the priests on retreat in your prayers next week and pray for me as well.

Christ is the End of the Law (Rom. 10:4)
First Conference
This Grace in Which We Stand (Rom. 5:2)

Second Conference
A Still More Excellent Way (1 Cor. 12:31)


The Love of Christ Impels Us (2 Cor. 5:14)

Fourth Conference

The Veiled Gospel (2Cor. 4:3)

Fifth Conference

All Creation is Groaning in Labor (Rom. 8:22)
Sixth Conference

Every Tongue Confess that Jesus Christ is Lord! (Phil. 2:11)