Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mary's Knoll

This is a picture of a picture of the Seminary building at Maryknoll. The Society actually has vast acerage on both sides of the road in Ossining, New York. When I was a boy I was intrigued by the story of Maryknoll and people like James Walsh and Francis X. Ford from the first and second ordination classes who went to China in service of the Gospel and later were named bishops. The original seminary building on this property was a farm house located where the main parking lot now stands. Walking on those grounds earlier in the week was a "memory moment" for me and an opportunity to give thanks to Almighty God for His gift of the priesthood. Bishop Walsh was imprisoned in China for 11 years and returned to the United States in 1970. Bishop Ford died in a Chinese Comunist prison in 1952. These and other great men and women of Maryknoll shared their faith with so many as missionaries and as examples of servant leaders of God's people.