Monday, April 20, 2009

Stations of the Resurrection

Yesterday was another jam-packed day here at St. Sebastian. We had the Catholic War Veterans at the 9 am Mass, followed by breakfast at their Post on 61st street. Then, for the first time in seven years, or perhaps forever, we had a baby baptized at the 10:30 am Mass. Two of the young ladies from our Catholic School of Excellence recieved Our Divine Lord in Holy Communion at the same Mass. I had the Noon Mass in Spanish, which to me is always a joy! Then at the 1.15 Mass we particularly celebrated the Feast of Divine Mercy. Although today was Divine Mercy Sunday, and that's what we celebrated at all the Masses, the 1.15 was the Mass at which we would have blessed the images people brought to church, but guess what, no one brought any images! Baptisms in English twice a month here - and twice a month in Spanish - today Fr. Gerard baptized six at 2 pm. The Great Hour of Mercy saw probably 150 people or so in church where  we sang the Chaplet, accompanied by the organ and the beautiful voice of our Director of Music, Mary Frances Grace. At 5 pm Fr. Joy led close to 150 parishioners, some the same and some different, in the "Stations of the Resurrection" or Via Lucis. Powerful!