Monday, March 23, 2009

Hidden God

I found this and wanted to share it.
Hidden God, I cry to You!
Hidden Light, I turn to You!
Hidden Love, I run to You!
With all my strength, I worship You;
With all my love, I cling to You;
With all my soul, I long for You,
And fear no more to fall away from You.
Jesus, undying Love, who seeks me,
You Who died for love of me,
King in all Your splendor, come to me,
Depart no more, dear Lord, from me.
O God, most precious and most priceless One;
O God, most glorious Uncreated One;
O God, Eternal Beatific One;
O God, O Infinite and Hidden One;
O God, Immense, O God the Living One;
You, Wisdom of the Everlasting One;
With all my heart I give myself to You;
O patient Love, Who wearies not of me.
Call me to ever follow You;
O bear with me, till I lose myself in You,
O bear with me, till I am found in You!