Saturday, March 7, 2009

Restaurants and Catholics

Last night I sat at a table in a small restaurant and listened to some of the other diners. I have done that a lot as I'm sure many of you have as well. It's not exactly eavesdropping since I'm not listening to the whole conversation. I'm listening for Catholics. Last night four young people, "thirtysomethings", were seated nearby and as they ordered drinks,Lent came up immediately. The conversation centered for a good five or so minutes on who gave what up for Lent. I couldn't say if these Catholics go to Mass every Sunday, but the all had a real consciousness of Lent.

I've been in other restaurants, and sometimes theatres and movie houses, where I've found myself listening for Catholics as well, and always finding them. Catholics speaking of their parishes, the priests, the homilies. Almost every place I go, without very much effort you can hear Catholics if you listen for them. Oddly enough, rarely do I ever hear people excessively critical of their parishes or priests. In fact, when I listen, I hear Catholics proud of their religion, proud of their parishes, and proud of their priests!

God bless you!