Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Apology

As I mentioned earlier, Bishop David Zubik of Pittsburgh is holding a “Service of Apology" on the Tuesday of Holy Week. He said, and I can say with him: “Unfortunately, I am sure there were times where my actions or words were the cause of hurt! Unfortunately, I am sure that there were times where actions or words by others who represent the Church were the cause of hurt!”

I have thought and prayed about what Bishop Zubik wrote since I read it earlier in the week. If I am honest with myself the I must join my words to his as I offer this prayer today:

Loving and merciful God,
touch our hearts with your tender compassion,
convert us to yourself.
Grant us the grace and courage to ask forgiveness
from those who have been harmed in any way by any
representative of the Church and her leaders or me, your priest.
Where sin has divided and scattered
may your love make one again.
Where sin has brought weakness and hurt,
may your power heal and strengthen.
Where sin has brought death,
may your Spirit raise to life.
Help us all to say tenderly and truthfully
those three powerful words: “I am sorry.”

God bless you!